Don't Screw Up: The Story of How Nike Became the Success It Is Today

January 29, 2018 7pm

Join Nelson Farris, a 45 year Nike veteran and Ambassador of Culture and Nike Heritage, as he chronicles the Nike journey, from 1965 to today. It all started with a handshake and $1000 investment and now, Nike is a $36 billion-dollar company. Hear the first-hand stories of commitment, teamwork, risk taking, fierce competitiveness, and unprecedented customer service that makes Nike the success it is today.

About the Speaker:
In 1955, Nelson started to run track in Junior High School in Southern California. Eighteen running years later, involvement with the Southern California running community connected him to Nike in Oregon. Him and his running partner thought they could start their own Sport Shop and sell running shoes to their buddies. Their first inventory was all Nike; a new athletic shoe that they thought was “cool”.

Their business did not work out, so Nelson traded in his retail and running experience for a job with Nike, as the Southern California Promotional, Direct Sales, and Retail Manager. “Best decision I ever made,” says Nelson, “it was my dream job.” Over 40 years, 5 moves, 20 different jobs, and a million miles traveled to over 60 countries later, he now serves Nike employees globally and contributes to employee education and development, helping to build a better Nike for the future.