Legacy of Fire: Examining the Past for Clues to Oregon's Wildfire Future

February 26, 2018 7pm

Join forest historian Doug Decker for a look back at key events and trends in Oregon’s wildfire history—including the great Tillamook Burn that devastated 500 square miles of the Oregon Coast Range—for clues to the challenges and opportunities of living with fire in the 21st Century. Doug will cover the evolution of firefighting policy and technique in Oregon, provide a detailed look at the Tillamook Burn fires of the 1930s-1940s, and close with a look at how recent fires illustrate the challenges ahead.

Doug Decker served as Oregon State Forester from 2011-2016, retiring after a 29-year career with the Oregon Department of Forestry, including 11 years in the Tillamook State Forest, where he led development of the Tillamook Forest Center, an interpretive museum that tells the story of past and present in the former Tillamook Burn. In his semi-retirement Doug is on the faculty at Portland State University, chairs the national Forest History Society based at Duke University, and actively investigates the history of northeast Portland for his website www.alamedahistory.org. He is also helping lead development of the Salmonberry Trail, a major rail-trail project that will connect Portland to the Coast.