Notable Women of Portland: From Native Americans to Pioneers to WWII

November 26, 2018 7PM

The story of Portland, Oregon, like much of history, has usually been told with a focus on male leaders. This presentation offers a reframing of Portland's history-- including information on 10,000 years of Native American women, pioneer women, women of the Progressive Era, WWI, WWII, and post-war women, with additional tales of women in the arts and women in politics. Hear how these women made their mark and radically changed the Oregon frontier. This presentation, based on author Tracy Prince’s latest book, Notable Women of Portland, will give you an in-depth understanding of women, throughout history, credited for making Portland what it is today.

Tracy J. Prince, Ph.D., Affiliated Research Professor at Portland State University’s American Indian Teacher Program, is the author of Portland’s Goose Hollow and Culture Wars in British Literature and co-author of Portland’s Slabtown. She and her daughter Zadie Schaffer (a 10th grader at Lincoln High School) were inspired by fascinating nuggets of Portland history to shine more light on the women who shaped Oregon.