Holy Rollers: The Crazy Oregon Cult That Wasn't Rajneeshpuram

May 20, 2019 7PM (one week early!)

Decades before the events at Rajneeshpuram, another small town in Oregon was gripped with scandal when a charismatic, apocalyptic cult leader took possession of the hearts and minds of the women who chose to follow him. In this story that reminds us of the tragedies of Waco, Jonestown and the Manson Family, what began in Corvallis in 1903 would end in gunfire, murder and suicide on the streets of Portland.

Actor, antiquarian, and storyteller Alastair Morley Jaques studied Theatre Arts and American Literature at the Evergreen State College and the University of Oregon. He has appeared in a professional capacity on stages all along the West Coast in Shakespearean and contemporary roles, as well as lending his talents to numerous commercial voice overs on radio and television. A born and bred Oregonian, he is perhaps best known to Bend audiences for his wildly successful one person show An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe. An avid reader and collector of stories and artifacts pertaining to the strange, eldritch, and arcane, he lives in Portland, Oregon, and spends much of his time in a bell tower overlooking a crypt and a columbarium.