Workers in the Wine Industry: Stories of the Labor that Supports one of Oregon's Most Successful Industries

August 25, 2014 at 7PM

Workers in vineyards and cellars provide the labor that is necessary to craft Oregon's internationally recognized wines. As in other agricultural industries, many of those laborers are of Latino heritage, including many recent immigrants to the United States. Two people intimately involved with the work that makes Oregon wines truly remarkable will offer first-person accounts about their work. Jesus Guillén followed his father from Mexico to the Oregon vineyards in 2002, falling in love with the state on arrival. Beginning as a vineyard worker, he quickly began to learn English and study winemaking, working his way up to become Head Winemaker of White Rose Estate in 2008. Leda Garside had worked in community health for many years when she joined Tuality Healthcare in 1992. As she began to focus more of her work on migrant health care, leaders in the local wine industry were exploring ways to better serve the healthcare needs of vineyard workers. They hired Leda to run the fledgling ¡Salud! program in 1997, and she continues in the role today, providing health care to thousands of workers and families that make Oregon's award-winning wines possible. In addition to the presentations, information about the Oregon Wine History Archive at Linfield College will be available. This program is offered in collaboration with the Oregon Historical Society's summer exhibit Clink! A Taste of Oregon Wine.