"Fred's Beer: A Sampling of What He Left Behind"

July 25, 2016 7PM

A beloved advocate, critic, educator, mentor, and historian for the brewing community, Fred Eckhardt has been called the icon, pioneer, founding father of craft beer, and "Dean of American beer writing." Inspired by a 1972 visit to Anchor Steam Brewery and an ever-expanding homebrewing scene, Eckhardt became an avid proponent of tasteful, complex craft brews. He urged people to focus on flavor, style, and experience, mentoring homebrewers at the Oregon Brew Crew and writing regularly for industry publications like Celebrator Beer News and All About Beer.

Eckhardt rose to prominence in the brewing community with his 1970 A Treatise on Lager Beers, a guide to homebrewing and the evolution of lager beer (a hobby which was notably still illegal at the time of publication). His 1989 The Essentials of Beer Style is still considered a required read for brewers and beer lovers alike. Eckhardt's immense influence on the American beer community is clear from the number of brews and festivals named is in honor. Works like his Treatise and Essentials were instrumental in the development of home and craft brewing, leaving behind a legacy of impassioned brewers and beer aficionados.

Tiah Edmunson-Morton, curator of the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives, will talk about acquiring and processing the collection of late beer historian and journalist Fred Eckhardt; highlighting details about Eckhardt and the types of materials he saved, pictures and fun finds in the collection, and some of the rich research projects that can be done using the items Eckahrdt saved. Included are historical and contemporary brewing practices; research files and personal notes about northwest, regional, national, and international breweries; and photographs of brewing operations, brewers, national and international travels, and industry events. Eckhardt's collection also includes his own publications, from periodicals to books. These files feature original research, correspondence, artwork and photographs, drafts, issue design templates, and final versions of his published work.